Supporting the Community

Related initiatives and partners

The Covenant of Mayors is not a stand-alone initiative. Quite to the contrary, it cooperates closely with a wide range of initiatives, policies and projects initiated by partners from European institutions, public administrations, networks and other European and international organisations.The Covenant of Mayors office works directly with these partners and the initiatives they stand behind in order to ensure that the different activities benefit the Covenant community and to coordinate all efforts to jointly support local climate and energy actions.

Key partners from European Union institutions provide a particular set of support to the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

Related initiatives

Institutional partners

    • Name: CoR - Committee of the Regions
    • Link:
    • The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the political assembly that provides local and regional authorities with a voice at the heart of the European Union.

    • Name: EIB - European Investment Bank
    • Link:
    • The EIB is the EU bank, owned by the Member States. One of its four priorities is specifically dedicated to climate action. Covenant of Mayors stakeholders can contact EIB to explore funding options and advices for their projects.


    • Name: EASME - Executive agency for SMEs
    • Link:
    • EASME is the agency managing several of the EU programs that can provide funding opportunities to implement policies related to the Covenant’s objectives.

    • Name: EEA - European Environment Agency
    • Link:
    • The EEA is an agency of the European Union. Its task is to provide independent information on the environment to those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policies.