• 10 Sep 2021
    10:30 - 12:00

    Green Cities Forum: Conference on Environmental Public Policies

    Organiser: Supporters

    FOV - Green Cities Forum is an event organized by Brașov Municipality, the first edition in a long-term series aiming to become a landmark in Romania. Green Cities Forum (6-12 September 2021) will include:

    • Awareness and education activities carried out by the civil society in the historical centre streets of Brașov, dedicated to citizens and key stakeholders (6-12 September)
    • High-level international conference on environmental public policies, energy transition, ecology & climate neutrality (9-11 September).

    Green Cities Forum was created to promote sustainability, climate change mitigation & adaptation, energy efficiency, recycling & reuse, forest & water protection etc. in a simple way, to the general public. To inform and explain upon what the necessary changes are in the transition process towards a green city. Main themes:

    • Mobility and alternative transport
    • Waste management
    • Green spaces and urban regeneration
    • Air quality
    • Climate Neutrality.

    Within the frame of Green Cities Forum, Brașov Municipality and ABMEE, the Local Energy Agency, will host an official Covenant of Mayors Satellite Event, on September 10.

    With the support of Covenant of Mayors Europe and Energy Cities, this session is designed to determine as many Romanian municipalities to follow Brașov’s path and sign-up for the new, more ambitious 2030 energy and climate targets. The session includes a Political Exchange for Climate Neutrality between Brest Métropole, Mouscron, València and Brașov, all part of the TOMORROW European project, targeting to inspire other local and regional authorities across Europe, by making a common pledge and setting higher standards for the quality of their local communities’ lives. The political exchange will be followed by an official Covenant of Mayors signing ceremony where the City of Brașov will reaffirm its engagement for the more ambitious 2030 targets, as well as for the 2050 climate neutrality objective.

    More information on the event website.

    This event is co-organised by ABMEE, Brasov Energy Agency, a Covenant of Mayors Supporter.