• 24 Nov 2021

    Celsius Summit 2021 - Energy Democracy

    Strasbourg and online
    Organiser: Others

    The Celsius Summit, hosted by the City of Strasbourg, will be back on 24 and 25 November!

    The energy transition concerns everyone. Its success will highly rely on its democratic and inclusive dimensions, at every level. This is especially true when looking at heating and cooling systems, which must be sustainable, affordable, and accessible for all.

    In this context, cities are the direct guarantors of these values. There will be no silver bullet to decarbonise these systems. Considering the different (and sometimes opposed) interacting perspectives, one question arises: how can cities ensure that heating and cooling systems are efficient, sustainable, and democratic? Overcoming these challenges will be key to reach the European climate targets on time.

    Interested in this event? Find out more about the agenda and register here.