• 26 Nov 2020
    09:00 - 12:00

    UNaLab webinar #5 - Monitoring and impact assessment

    Organiser: Others

    9am-12pm CET

    The preceding sessions focused on identifying local challenges, and co-creating and co-implementing NBS with stakeholders. After that, how do the stakeholders know if the implemented NBS are effective for their intended purpose and generate evidence for attracting future NBS financing, uptake and replication? This session focuses on: 

    • Defining clear objectives and targets for NBS, including both primary objectives and co-benefits;
    • Translating objectives into specific, measurable indicators of NBS performance or impact;
    • Demonstrating the use of the City Performance Monitor (CPM) tool developed in UNaLab for continuous monitoring of NBS performance and impact;
    • Discussing the barriers and opportunities of using the data collection tools.

    The participants will have hands-on experience of using the CPM and engage in a dialogue on measuring the NBS performance.

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