• 23 Sep 2021

    Final Event of MOLOC - European project on Low Carbon Cit

    Organiser: Signatories

    MOLOC project is reaching the end of a 5 year activity program between 6 european partners : Lille, Turin, Katowice, Hambourg, Suceava and Energy Cities. MOLOC aims to develop a new city building approach, associating quality of life and energy efficiency.

    MOLOC stands for MOrphologies Low Carbon and has explored the brakes that limit the impact of local policies and actions in their ambitions to change current urban morphologies in the light of sustainable urban development. The first phase has permitted to draw action plans in the 5 cities involved that were implemented in the second phase of the project.

    Every city has gained knowledge and has taken impactful measures to limit climate change on the local level. The final event will recall the important moments of the project, the main results and talk about perspectives for the future.

    This event is organised by the Covenant of Mayors city of Lille, France.

    More information on the event webpage.